Rehabilitating at
Fonthill House

Recover and Recuperate

Returning home after a spell in hospital can be a difficult and stressful transition. Whether you’ve had surgery, medical procedures,cancer treatment, or are recovering from a fall, we can help you focus upon physical and emotional goals so that you are back to doing what you want to do as quickly as possible. A short-term convalescent stay at Fonthill House enables you to benefit from all of the expertise that our medical, nursing, physio and dietician teams provide. An individual programme will be developed for you with all of the encouragement that you might need to achieve your goals.

The staff at Fonthill House are able to administer IV drugs as a continuation of a regime started in hospital (not chemotherapy) and have extensive experience in highly complex wound management. Good, nutritious food, comfortable surroundings and staff to call upon day and night will give you the best chance to be back on your feet at home as soon as possible. Furthermore, if you have had a difficult experience and if you have recently received some bad news about your health, you may be feeling vulnerable and anxious. The staff at Fonthill House are committed to caring for the whole person which means responding to your psychological needs as well.