Dining at Fonthill House

Restaurant Quality Food

Thursday 20th February


Soup of the day – Cream of Sweetcorn

Moroccan Lamb Kebab

Sesame Prawn Toast

Mozzarella Sticks & Sun-dried Tomato Dip

Main Menu

Chicken Enchilada, Guacamole & Spicy Rice

Chili & Lime Salmon, Avocado Mango Salsa, Roasted New Potatoes & Asparagus

Stilton & Walnut Stuffed Mushrooms


Coffee & Baileys Panna Cotta

Lemon Mousse

Cherry Pie

Healthier Choices

Prawn & Avocado Salad

Chili & Lime Salmon, New Potatoes & Asparagus

Cherry Yoghurt

Fonthill House

A Different Quality of Care

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Fonthill Recruitment

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Evie McMichael

Evie McMichael

General Manager