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15 Gift Ideas For Elderly Care Home Residents

Fonthill House, St Albans, Hertfordshire

Finding the perfect gift for elderly care home residents isn’t always easy. You want to make your loved one feel special with a meaningful gift that matches their personality. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, Christmas or other special occasions, showing your elderly loved one that you care with a gift can make a huge difference.

Let’s explore the best gifts for your care home residents from practical gifts to handmade meaningful presents.

1. Lap blanket or quilt

Elderly people often feel the cold more which is why a lap blanket can be a great gift idea. You can purchase a cosy lap blanket or even make your own quilt as a wholesome homemade gift. Some lap blankets even tie around the waist and have a pocket for holding things, making them super functional. This practical and thoughtful gift is an easy way to delight your loved one living in a care home.

2. Bird feeders

A sweet gift idea is bird feeders and food for your elderly relative to put into the care home’s garden or for staff to install. Not only will this encourage more wildlife into the care home gardens but will also provide entertainment for your loved one. Watching feathered friends enjoy the bird feeder will bring great joy to many of the residents. Window bird feeders are also a great option for residents that might live on the second floor or higher.

3. Succulent garden

Having something to care for and look after can give elderly people a great sense of fulfilment. This is where a low-maintenance succulent garden can make a great present. Succulents don’t need much care or water but look absolutely beautiful on windowsills. Adding some natural life to your loved one’s care home room will make a huge positive difference.

4. CDs and DVDs

Gifting an elderly care home resident their favourite CDs and DVDs can bring them plenty of happy memories. Maybe it’s their favourite song or a film that means a lot to them, being able to access this entertainment at all times would mean a lot. Most care homes will have a communal TV but you can always gift your loved one a TV or CD player for their room.

5. Nail polish

Pampering your loved one with some pretty nail polish can be a very meaningful gift. Just because someone’s an elderly care home resident doesn’t mean that they don’t want to look and feel fabulous! You can make the gift a memorable experience by applying it for them and chatting, making it a day of pampering.

6. Homemade baked treats

You don’t need to be a professional baker to create some delicious baked goods to gift your loved one in a care home. From decorated cookies to a beautiful birthday cake, making something from scratch makes it much more meaningful. A birthday cake would be a great way to celebrate your loved one’s birthday with the rest of the care home!

7. Monthly subscription box

A gift that keeps on giving is a monthly subscription box. Based on your loved one’s interests and hobbies, you’ll be able to find a subscription box that’ll delight them each and every month. From knitting to makeup, there’s something for every hobbyist.

8. Wheelchair cushion

If an elderly care home resident is in a wheelchair, it can get uncomfortable sitting in the same position for a long period of time. A comfortable wheelchair cushion can elevate this discomfort and vastly improve quality of life. You can pick a cushion in their favourite colour or with a pretty design to make the gift extra special.

9. Digital picture frame

Gone are the days of regular old picture frames, digital picture frames are the way of the future. Your elderly loved one can enjoy an ever-changing display of their favourite photos. It’s also a great way to keep them updated on your lives outside the care home by regularly uploading new pictures onto the frame.

10. Crossword puzzle books

An affordable gift that will delight your loved one are crossword puzzle books. Not only are crosswords fun and pass the time but studies have also found that crossword puzzles can delay memory decline. Spiral-bound crossword puzzles can be great and easy to use for elderly people.

11. Hand cream

Treating your loved one to a luxurious soothing hand cream is a great practical way to show your love. Older people can struggle with drier hands so a quality hand cream can really make a difference. Why not pick one with a beautiful fragrance or for sensitive skin? It’ll remind them of home and give their hands some TLC.

12. Personalised jigsaw puzzle

Plenty of photo companies can turn your favourite family photo into a fun jigsaw puzzle. This thoughtful gift can provide hours of entertainment for your loved one that’ll delight them once the puzzle is completed. 

13. Door decoration

Make your loved one’s care home room stand out from the rest by adding some extra special personalisation. You can make a handmade door decoration in the form of a wreath or buy one from local sellers. Whether it’s seasonally themed or represents your loved one’s personality, it’ll make them smile every time they enter their room!

14. Fluffy dressing down

Treat your loved one to a soft, fluffy and warm dressing gown, perfect for the chillier months. This will keep them warm and cosy whilst reminding them of your thoughtfulness every time they put it on.

15. The gift of your time

Not all gifts have to cost money. Simply the gift of your time can mean a lot more to your loved one living in a care home than any material gift. Simply popping by to visit, chatting about your lives and updating them on family events will mean a lot. If you have children, why not bring them along? Interacting with children can bring great joy to many care home residents.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Whether it’s your time, a handmade gift or a present you’ve bought, it’ll mean the world to your loved one because you chose it for them! Loneliness can impact elderly care home residents, so simply showing you care and keeping them company can make their day.

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