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7 Chair Exercises for Seniors

Fonthill House, St Albans, Hertfordshire Staying active is vital for seniors, but it doesn’t always require strenuous workouts. Chair exercises offer a safe and accessible way for older adults to maintain their mobility and overall well-being. These gentle routines can be done while seated, making them suitable for various fitness levels and rehabilitation challenges. In […]

What to do when an elderly person is not eating?

Fonthill House, St Albans, Hertfordshire When an elderly person refuses to eat or lacks interest in food, it can be a cause of concern for caregivers and family members. Unfortunately, however, this is a reality that many of us face. Poor appetite in seniors is very common and can result from various factors, including medical […]

Dementia & being mean to family: how to cope

Fonthill House, St Albans, Hertfordshire Coping with a family member with dementia who shows aggression for no apparent reason can be emotionally challenging. However, dementia can significantly alter a person’s behaviour and personality, leading to unexpected outbursts. At Fonthill, we implement effective strategies to navigate these moments with patience and empathy, emphasising effective communication, redirection […]

3 benefits of social interaction for the elderly

Who can administer medication in a care home Fonthill House Blog

Fonthill House, St Albans, Hertfordshire While everyone may differ in their desire to spend time with others, we all share the fundamental need for social connection. And as we age, maintaining a rich social life becomes increasingly crucial for our overall well-being. In this article, we explore the profound benefits that social interaction brings to […]

What is a care home care plan?

What Is the Difference Between Palliative Care and End of Life Care?

Fonthill House, St Albans, Hertfordshire Moving into a care home can be a challenging time, whether you are moving a loved one or you are moving in yourself. You are likely to be dealing with a wide range of emotions, so being fully prepared can help you to reduce any anxiety. We hope that you […]

How to promote equality and diversity in care homes

Fonthill House, St Albans, Hertfordshire Everyone has the right to the health care services they need, regardless of their situation. Promoting equality and diversity in care homes is vital in ensuring everyone is treated fairly and with respect. So, it is important that they consider what needs to be done to meet legislation and how […]

How quickly does dementia progress?

When should someone with dementia go into a care home?

Fonthill House, St Albans, Hertfordshire Dementia refers to a group of progressive diseases that affect the brain considerably. This means early signs of dementia can be mild and are often undiagnosed, but over time the symptoms worsen. Dementia progresses differently for each individual, but the disease is primarily categorised into three main stages: early dementia, […]

What is domiciliary care?

Fonthill House, St Albans, Hertfordshire Staying in the comfort of your own home for as long as possible is a priority for many, which is why domiciliary care is a popular choice. Whether you need a live-in carer or a couple of visits a week, domiciliary care is a great option for many as it […]

Why is record keeping important in care homes?

Fonthill House, St Albans, Hertfordshire If you’re involved in the running of a care home or other care services, you’ll understand the importance of keeping accurate records. It’s not just about ticking legal boxes either, it’s vital to provide the best possible care for your residents. Let’s explore the importance of record keeping in care […]

10 benefits of exercise for older adults

Care home activities - exercise

Fonthill House, St Albans, Hertfordshire Exercise is vital to everyone’s health and wellbeing, with plenty of extra benefits for those that are older. In fact, it’s one of the key ways to help the elderly to maintain their own independence. Here are just a few of the major benefits of exercise for older people: 1. […]