Fonthill House Services

St Albans - Hertfordshire

Fonthill House Services

St Albans - Hertfordshire
Awarded “Beacon” status for EOL care by the Gold Standards Framework

Palliative and End of Life Care

Dr Waites and our nurses are experienced in end of life care
planning and symptom control, their aim, to avert a crisis
and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions. Yours and your
family’s wishes are discussed in detail to understand how you
can be kept most comfortable.

Complex care needs managed at Fonthill

Short and Long Term Care

The Fonthill nurses and therapists are experienced in caring for people with the most complex of health needs including all aspects of rehabilitation, medicine administration, health monitoring, venepuncture, enteral feeding, wound management, urology and the management of long term conditions. Our nurses are equipped to provide Doppler assessments for arterial disease, compression bandaging, bladder scanning, syringe drivers, intravenous therapies and are trained in the use of oxygen.

At Fonthill House we are experienced in anticipating changing health needs and unpredictable conditions. We liaise with GPs, consultants and specialists to plan and adapt care as your health needs change. We try to avoid hospital admissions, however if necessary our relationships with the local hospitals ensure efficient discharge planning.

Our wonderful team will get you back on your feet

Recover and Recuperate

After a fall, a hospital stay or a medical procedure, a great start to recovery and rehabilitation is absolutely crucial. Fonthill House offers short-term convalescent care: it’s a proven way to get you back on your feet, faster. Fonthill’s dedicated staff deliver the highest quality of bespoke care. Our friendly and welcoming team are experienced in helping with all levels of care, from routine assistance to more complex needs.

Lola in the Art Studio at Fonthill House
We can help you at home too

Fonthill Care at Home

Fonthill are able to provide care packages in your home, this ensures continuity of your care. We are able to provide scheduled daily visits or live in carers. Our home care packages are managed by our experienced district nurses who are on hand should you require nursing care.

Caring for people over the age of eighteen

Younger Adults

We are a home for anyone over the age of 18 who requires nursing or residential care, long or short stay. Our team have gained an excellent reputation for caring for older adults and we are delighted to be able to provide the same high standards for younger adults too.