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St Albans - Hertfordshire
Awarded “Beacon” status for end of life care by the Gold Standards Framework.

End of Life Care at Fonthill House

Being a resident at Fonthill is all about living the best possible life with the support, stimulation and care that is necessary to keep you being you! We believe that to live well is also to die well.

Short and long term care at Fonthill House

Living Life Care at Fonthill House

Deciding whether to come to a care home either for a long or short stay can feel a little daunting. At Fonthill, we believe that this should be a positive choice that enhances every aspect of your life at a time when you need some extra help.

Our wonderful Fonthill team will get you back on your feet

Rehabilitating at Fonthill House

Returning home after a spell in hospital can be a difficult and stressful transition. If you have had surgery, are recovering from a fall, have had medical procedures or treatments for cancer, we can help you focus upon what you need to do physically and emotionally so that you are back to doing what you want to do as quickly as possible.

Lola in the Art Studio at Fonthill House
A skilled care environment

Neuro-Disability Care

Fonthill House offers a skilled care environment for adults (including young adults) with neuro-disabilities who are seeking permanent residence, respite care or some further rehabilitation after a period in hospital.

Caring for people over the age of eighteen

Young Adults Care

We are a home for anyone over the age of 18 who requires nursing or residential care, long or short stay. The team have gained an excellent reputation over the past 6 years since Fonthill was opened for caring for older adults and has recently been providing the same high standards for younger adults too.

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